Dennis Hof the deceased Brothel owner wins Nevada Legislative seat

On tuesday,  Dennis hof reportedly won a seat in nevada state legislature .The formal reality tv star and infamous accused sexual abuser ran a campaign to gain victory on the state’s republican-leaning 36th assembly district. Not until two weeks to the elections,  it was reported to have been found dead in a suite at his love ranch brothel at crystal,  Nevada  by a pornstar girl friend Ron jeremy…They have been celebrating his 72nd birthday party

As regards the Nevada appeal, Dennis Hof bagged 68.2 percent of the legislative vote compared to Romanov’s 31 percent…He also won the ballot as well which prompted the initiative that would have banned brothels  in county.

His death has spite up some rumours…as regards a replacement,  despite his death…tje nevada state law holds a deceased candidate who wins an election would be replaced with a newly appointed candidate   with the help of the commissions counties within their district.

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