Lil wayne Says He Didn’t Know who XXXTentaction was To Feature

Lil Wayne says it was all Mack Maine’s idea to have XXXTentaction featured on C5.

On Wednesday night, Lil Wayne sat down with Elliott Wilson and participated in one of his CRWN interview on Tidal where they broke down several things on his situation with Birdman,  and more. However, during one point of the interview, Elliott brought   up  his XXXTentaction feature, asking , saying it was all Mack Maine‘s idea and that he had no idea who X was before the feature.

“That was my big homie Mack’s idea. He came to New Orleans to do something for like a day or two, and he came back and said I have something I want you to hear. That was the first time hearing my mom on the song, so when he played that, then he played the song…” Weezy continued.

“May he rest in peace, but I didn’t know. Y’all know I don’t listen to nothing but myself causes I work too much, so I didn’t know who XXXtentaction was. So Mack had to explain the whole story to me right then and there. I had to google and all that and I found out, figured everything out. It was easy . It wasn’t such a thing as yes or no, it was let me get my verse together.”

The song they’re referring to of course is track#2 off Tha Carter V “Don’t Cry,” which is produced by Z3N & Ben Billions. ”

Check out Weezy’s comment  on not knowing who XXX was below (swipe right to watch) and sound off in the comments. Do you think its bad weezy doesn’t pay attention to the culture or know his features?

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